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Unsuspecting D. Arclyte awaits expert castigation at the Hotel Divine where Female-dom Cherie DeVille appears from the depths of her dungeon. That babe entices him with her array of severe punishing implements. She binds D. to a Fucking Machine, taunts him with her twat and rectal hole while his butt gets pummeled, he’s belted to a metal bar, pegged, flogged and caned then that babe lastly torments him with her Fucksaw making him cum at her will. He’s spent but this babe thongs a dildo gag on him and uses his perspired dumb face to get off. At Hotel Divine customer service is our top priority.

Mike Panic has spent a lengthy time in Lily Lane’s divine dungeon, unaware that she locked him there for taunting her on the street. Now the tables are turned and Lily enacts her revenge. She paddles him, flogs him and pegs him hard and unfathomable, turning him into her tractable little bitchboy. Lily then makes him fun her, giving her large O after big O until this babe discards him like the lowlife trash that man is.

Arabelle keeps her villein in the basement and merely brings him out to feed him when this babe has her bull over. Her serf receives to lick the wet spit off the floor from her bull after her chap licks her vagina. This babe gives villein a little attention in the form of humiliation and CBT during the time that her and her bull laugh. She of course demands he service her bulls wang with unfathomable soaked blowjobs, getting him fine and hard for her to fuck. That dude entreats her bull to please fuck her and give her a trillion orgasms. Her slave does but not before he receives a worthwhile unfathomable pegging. Then Arabelle acquires all the ding-dong that babe wishes whilst her villein watches and licks the fuck holes as this babe cums over and over again. That babe then strokes her bull off right into her slaves face and this man licks up all the obscene cum!

It’s been 3 years since Maitresse Madeline Marlowe and Lorelei Lee had a slave beneath their stilettos at the same time! Now the wait is over! Buff chap, Alexander Gustavo, is putty in their hands. They tease and torment him with their beautiful soaked slits but instead this guy acquires a trillion raiment pins. They fill his face hole with their delightsome saliva but don’t allow him to gulp the nectar. They fuck him deep in his gazoo and steal the jizz from his testicles then sit on his face making him take up with the tongue the sweat from their delightful assholes. What a lucky villein!

Divine Sluts is cheerful to announce the debut of legendary performer Danielle Fox!! The chemistry between Will and Danielle permeates the screen. Danielle’s sexually charged approach to femdom is intoxicating and you are immediately put under her spell! She demands every single inch and curve of her body to be worshipped. She straps-on her rod and bonks like no woman has before and has her perfect cookie worshipped and screwed until she’s bursting with pleasure. Luckily, this babe allows Will to blow his obese load and even has him spit ball it back into her face hole like solely a true Divine Bitch knows how.