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New slave, D. Arclyte, desperately desires to acquire past Maitresse Madeline’s security, but merely the luckiest of slaves receive the password. Lucky for D. today this chab has guessed right and is catapulted into an erotic world of strict and carnal femdom, executed with precision and finesse by one of the top dominatrices in the whole world! Madeline puts him throughout his paces whipping him into submission during the time that teasing him with her sexuality. This chab is tasered and prodded with electricity and made to supplicate for it unfathomable in his butt. Something that that dude desperately likes. Madeline is an expert prostate milker and gave D. multiple orgasms by pressing all the right buttons in his butt. This babe then rides his dick like there’s no tomorrow, using him as a human sex-toy and getting all the joy that babe deserves, stealing his jizz from his ramrod then spitting it back in his face!

Marcello seeks relationship advise to prevent an eminent divorce from his wife. Aiden Starr runs a clinic which turns men into slaves which saves their marriage! This discharge is not for the faint of heart! Tight slavery, UNFATHOMABLE anal fisting with intense PROSTATE orgasms, deep sounding with wank tease and denial, heavy caning, humiliation, cum-hole worship and so much greater quantity! This discharge is jam packed with EXTRAORDINARY HAWT femdom!

This babe does the cooking. The cleaning. She makes sure the bills are paid on time; your shirts are pressed for work. This babe decorated each damn inch of the house, planned out all the stops on your last vacation, and looks fucking sexy as hell doing it. Your allies congratulate u on snagging such a “catch,” and to them you chuckle and say “thanks.” But do you ever thank HER, this gorgeous female-dominant that’s your wife?


You’d probably crumble like the pathetic babyman u indeed are if this babe went without city for a not many days. And that is exactly what happens today, when MAITRESSE MADELINE leaves on a 7-day business trip. The whole house falls to shit, bringing forth magical MONA WALES to the rescue. That babe appears, a little devil over Mike’s shoulders, and lets loose a hurricane of shame on him for being so helpless. Mona spanks him over her knee with a wooden spoon, sploshes him with food, and downright punches his guts. In his own kitchen.

They then move to the impure living room where that babe copulates him up the wazoo then shoves her hand up inside him and orders him around, fist-first, as this chap cleans up the place like a little meatpuppet. This chab does eventually receive close to her pussy–or rather, his tongue does, which she exploits to receive herself off over and over another time previous to Madeline gets home.

When the cat’s away, the mice do not play. They suffer.

Thrall Fluffy is passed around from Floozy to Wench and this session that dude acquires additional special treatment from Miss Torn. Thraldom, caning, strap-on fucking and whipping with verbal humiliation whilst screwed unfathomable in his arse with a fuck machine. His head is secured in a box whilst Cherry uses it to sit her nice round a-hole on his face while this babe has multiple orgasms and uses his tongue to clean it up. That babe relaxes with a smoke, using him as an ashtray & a spit receptacle and then gags him with a raw onion and leaves him there with CBT hanging from his weenie and balls.