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While Alexander Gustavo was pumping weights at the gym and flexing in the mirror, Lorelei Lee had been planning her revenge. And, today is the day. That babe takes him down using a gymrat’s WORST nightmare: sweets and smarts.

Out of the squat rack and into the dungeon! Alexander is made to recite the encyclopedia aloud while Lorelei beats cupcake into his skin with a cavalcade of cruel devices. After tying his lousy knob in chastity, that babe then makes him suck the frosting from betwixt her perspired, stocking feet. Then the pathetic sap gets to sniff, but not touch, her glorious cookie as this babe cums in his face. In return Lorelei spanks and copulates his manicured arse, diving into every inch of him for her own pleasure.

Veruca James has a million-dollar body. Not merely is it hotter than any other wife’s on the block, it likewise COSTS her spouse a million.

As Veruca’s financial thrall, DJ is required to write her out a check for anything her pretty heart craves. $2000 to rub her feet, $5000 to worship her booty. Another pair grand to sleep at her feet. The list goes on!

Watch as this glamorous wife spanks his a-hole, tortures his nuts, punches the urinate outta him, fuck his pathetic backdoor, and rides his face to orgasm– charging every step of the way.

Welcome back Mz Berlin, for an intensely evil and exceedingly ribald cuckolding triad! Mz Berlin wishes to receive preggo but her husband just doesn’t add up. This babe seduces the well hung man milk chap and her spouse walks in!! That dude knows his place around a bull schlong like that and acquires to sucking, prepping it for his wife to get fucked, sperm pied and preggo with one more man’s baby during the time that all he acquires is stroking onto her toes!

Femdom is a woman’s mastix given right. We use it to exploit the testosterone driven madness that is a man’s existence. These fetishes are at the root of female supremacy. I use them to my advantage every step of the way, at any opportunity, to remind you that you must thank women for your existence.

Lance Hart and I are friends, but let us face it, he’s still a stud and that stud needs to be on his knees thanking me for existing. I remind him of how his sick and perverted male mind is in the gutter. I show him how the simplest of pleasures turn twisted in the male thought process and I use it against him for his own fine. Ego stripping, prostate massaging, ruthless pegging, femdom driven orgasms, cum swallowing, latex licking enjoyment abound!