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Jessica knew all about Gabriel’s love for cock, so she brought a big rubber one for him to practice his cock-sucking skills and take it up the ass. She really got kicks pushing her strap-on tool into his mouth and then bending him over for anal. Being a good sissy, he eagerly took all the length of it into his waiting bunghole and even begged to finish it all with a2m in the end. What a dirty slut!.
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The classically beautiful Mistress Lorelei Lee is called upon to train Trent on obedience, control and patience. Last time we saw Trent he was over eager and neglected to ask permission to cum. We all know the rules when it comes to these games and we all know the consequences if the rules are disregarded.

The sweet yet stern Lorelei teases him with her perfect body and perfect ass. She covers every inch of Trent’s chest and mouth with clothes pins then rubs her body against his. This seemingly sexy task is normally very pleasurable, however, with the added pain caused by the clothes pins Trent’s mind is swimming with confusion of pain verses pleasure. She then lowers him down so that he can show his devotion by worshiping her freshly polished boots and her perfect stockinged feet.

Lorelei moves on by teasing his senses and placing her pussy soaked panties near his nose but not close enough, of course. Lorelei enjoys the sounds of pain coming from under her panties while she aggressively takes his asshole.

Finally with Trent completely secured to a mattress on the floor, he is in the perfect position for Mistress Lorelei to use is body as she pleases. As she tramples his body and smothers him with her juicy ass, she realizes, these slave boys would do anything to fuck a Divine Bitch however the truth all we want is to use their bodies and the tables will NEVER turn. After a full day of building Trent up Mistress Lorelei gives the ultimate rejection by jumping off his cock just before he was going to come and leaves him tied up and in pain from lack of release.


Christian, Penny Flame

Penny Flame is a deviant nurse that takes advantage of the doctor’s absence to do naughty things to the patients. christian is the victim of the day, he’s placed in a straight jacket from which he can’t escape, and ball-gagged so no one can hear his cries. Viciously flogged and slapped, poor christian is even humiliated for not having a hard cock. Nurse Penny takes no pity. She dons her strapon, ties her slave down in doggy, and forcefully enters his ass and starts pounding away. christian seems to be getting the hang of what’s needed of him, or rather his dick. Now hard, Penny Flame mounts him and hungrily satisfies her cunt. When she’s done cumming she face-sits her wormboy, she milks his satiated cock, and leaves him covered in cunt and cock juices.

Penny and Sandra are the best stars you have so please more of them Would be nice to see a man flogged on his balls for a prolonged time so we can watch his reactions

— balance

You know, it really gets Sibylla off when she is the one in control, so it’s been fun tying up Morris with her nylons and silencing the guy with undies before drilling his butthole on the bed. She pushes her big strap-on cock up to the hilt and then lets the guy lick it clean in ass2mouth. After that she will give two handjobs at a time and have more of role switching butt fucking until she’s fully satisfied..
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Mistress Ashley Fires demands your attention! Don’t act out of turn because you’ll regret it. In this BONUS POV update Mistress Ashley explains the ways of the world to you and how you should have been touching your cock your whole life. If you weren’t aware of it, you will be soon, you haven’t been masturbating right. Lucky for you, Mistress Ashley is here to correct your wrongs doings and whipped you into shape. Her words are worth more than gold. Appreciate this moment of correction, the Divine Bitches may never take pity on you over eager slaves ever again. Worship Mistress Ashley for volunteering her time to teach you how to properly stoke you cock.

Franks wife was out shopping with her friends when they made a confession to her. They told her that her husband recently tried to have sex with the two girls. When Frank’s wife Michelle got home she was fuming mad. He tried to deny he did anything wrong, but Michelle’s friends told her the entire story in front of him, and he had nothing to say. She was pissed off and decided the only way to get revenge was to teach him a lesson he would never forget. She pulled out a strapon dildo, and with the help of her two best friends they gave him a deep strapon fucking he would never forget. After his ass was nice and sore, she said the two girls could release his sexual tension. Controlling his cock, the two girls slowly jerked him nice and slowly and right as he was about to experience an intense orgasm, they abruptly stopped. Giving him a horrible case of blue balls, and a very painful unsatisfying release.