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Govard deserved to be banged that butt so he begged blonde Monica to whip out her hard strap on. and do him right. Soon the scent of musky whiney man ass filled the air as she pounded his gripping submissive butt like crazy as she used that stone hard dildo to mercilessly pound that moist tight ass of his. The horny lady fem just loves to get horny passions up and nothing satisfies her more than fucking a hot submissive ass.
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Divine Bitch: Mistress January Seraph
Pet: Zak Tyler

I found Zak Tyler when he was poking his head around the booth at the Folsum Street Fair. He’s been creaming his pants to serve The Divine Bitches and I thought what the hell let’s give him a shot. He’s the type of slaveboy who’s a complete brownnoser, ass kissing, teachers pet wanna be and oh so much fun to tease and torture. Mistress January Seraph had a field day using him for her pleasure. With Zak’s eager attitude he endured bare handed spanking, caning, CBT, SPH (small penis humiliation), shoe and ass worship and sexual service.

Continue to follow this ass kissing slave’s training with The Divine Bitches and see if his eager attitude will pay off!

Maitresse’s Evaluation


  1. submission
    learn his place
  2. protocol
    gain knowledge of house protocol
  3. humility
    curb ego

Closing assessment

  • not extremely egocentric as he stated
  • complete ass kisser
  • more training in humility by way of ass worship
  • pleasure slave potential

Chris was at his girlfriends apartment when she came home from a stressed out day of work. He forgot to prepare dinner and she was very pissed off. “I bring home the pay check, I pay the bills, and you don’t do shit! I mine as well be the one doing the fucking!” she screamed as she pulled out the dildo. If you want to stay here your going to have to be taught a lesson. Watch as she fucks Chris extremely hard in her ass!

Victoria needed to test the mileage on her rigid strapon dildo and bust open a gripping submissive butt and Bertram better run for cover. She breaks out that monster strap on and heads straight for his steamy hot butt. The nasty dominatrix slut got her naughty libido up by treating the submissive like a bitch and then stuffed his gripping submissive butt. She loves to bang that submissive butt and further degraded him by making him do some giving her a strapon blowjob tasting his own ass.
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Clad in his funky PVC maid uniform with lacy gloves and a curly blonde wig sissy Kelly is tidying up the room when his mistress Valerie comes home. Valerie finds a black strap-on dildo under the pillow and decides to use it to discipline her naughty maid. She shoves her gloved hand into Kelly’s mouth and up the ass making sure there’s enough room for her rubber dick. Then she makes the sissy suck and ride on top of her fake cock.

Feminized males switch roles with their strap-on armed girlfriends who don’t take no for an answer.
Cum and let these sissy guys bring to life your most daring dreams!

Rita with her rigid strapon dildo at hand was bent on busting open a tight hot sissy butt and Maruice the male whore was her next victim. She had turned on to the max and wanted to try out her rock hard dildo on Harry and he obliged by giving her a strapon blowjob to make it slippery enough to plow into his tight sissy anus. The nasty dom bitch took that rigid strapon dildo and wore out his moist bitch boy ass.
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