All posts for the month July, 2006

The boys are in a bit of trouble as Mika Tan and Lorelei Lee have their balls in a sling of predicament bondage and that is just the beginning. After a decent flogging and more punishment, the sexy Doms rig a machine that fucks both Their slaves asses while the women get dowm to pleasing each other. Their steamy sex is met with whimpers as the boys helplessly watch the women cum right next to them. This is the final update in the series so if you missed part 1 go back see how the boys got themselves into this mess and how the Women beat them into submission.

This is the third and final update for the cbt and rope bondage tutorial taught by the talented Claire Adams. Today, Claire instructs on ball busting, torture and aftercare. If you missed the other two lessons go back and enjoy some strict ties and informational techniques for play.
Have a great weekend.