All posts for the month April, 2005

Harmony. Wicked, wicked Harmony. So sweet, sensual and determined to train jason’s ass. After a grueling session of cbt where his balls are tied to his toes, Harmony rides her sub, then flips him over to pound his ass. The barn has never seen hotter action than Harmony.

Cherokee is back in full to punish her willing prisoner.The sexy Dom’s crop stings his flesh, her flogger smacks hard and the only thing more painful than the ass fucking is the mere inches the prisoner gets to her pussy which he will never, never get to lick. Or maybe he has been a good boy. Watch and find out!

Shy Love makes naughty office boy frank pay with his body for hitting on the girls in the office. Sexual harassment is taken to the next level as Shy flogs, fucks and shreds frank’s ass like confidential documents. Does he learn his lesson? Watch and find out…

Mika comes home to her slave that she had left tied to the bridge by his balls. It is clear she means business as she has her strap on cock on from the minute she arrives. sailor attempts to be obedient but he is not satisfying Mika’s demands and she must clearly train him from scratch on how to be a good slave; foot worship, bondage, cbt, ass training, whipping and dick sucking all play a part in sailor earning the right to serve Mistress Mika Tan!

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Sexy Sgt. Kym Wilde catches officer Penny moving in on her prisoner meat. See Kym at her finest as she beats her prisoner and teases her play toy as only she knows how. And of course no prison sentence would be complete without a little jail house rockin’ ass fucking. Don’t miss this update!

Audrey is becoming a mean bitch, submissives come to see her as they know she will make them orgasm but I’m not sure they realize how tough such a sweet face can be. Maximus makes some mistakes in his session; he answers too slowly, he calls her the name of a different Mistress and his lust for Audrey is far too apparent. Audrey skillfully uses him for her own pleasure before fucking his ass hard…and without asking he cums everywhere…we guess the punishment isn’t over!

MORE UPDATES…MenInPain now updates 6 times every month!