All posts for the month March, 2005

Isis wants mini to be obedient…yet she seems to have the most fun dominating him when he misbehaves! She wants him to serve her…yet he makes mistakes of simple instructions. She wants his cock hard always and to cum on demand…well at least he can get that right! And of course she wants him to be a little bitch that squeals when fucked deep in the ass by her strap on cock. Can mini keep Isis happy; watch and see!

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Mika and Richie like to role play. They both like to play that game where they can be anyone and do anything. Mika’s fantasy involves applying strict cbt, making her a bound sub to make her orgasm and fucking him hard in the ass. Richie’s fantasy is the act of submission. Being at the mercy of a powerful and stunning woman that will take him by the balls and use him for her entertainment. They both get what they need in this high energy scene.

daniel goes to a clinic in the slums of town to have his erectile disfunction treated. When asked for payment he says he has no insurance and can’t pay. Nurse Jasmine has had a long day and is tired of losers like him so she strips him down, ties him up and electrifies some life into his cock. Seeing the pain on daniel’s face makes her pussy wet and she masturbates while shocking the piercing in his dick. This is what her get’s her off, seeing a man with a hard-on in pain!

jason takes on the Janay challenge in this hard core update! Janay expects a lot from her submissive, not just a high pain tolerance but an obedience that she rarely finds. jason’s lucky, she even brought a little whore along to suck his cock but when he can’t cum for her she bends him over and orders the whore to stick a big dildo in his ass. He clearly didn’t stretch it before the scene and screams as he is fucked. At the end of it Janay makes jason apologize for being so pathetic and vows to never play with him again.

Hollie keeps a slave for many reasons; to wash the floors and keep the house tidy, to lick her pussy when she feels horny and to take a beating when she is in need of entertainment. eth is a whiny, pathetic little bitch not worthy of Hollie’s beauty and in need of a thorough spanking, tight cbt and a lesson in ass worship of such a beautiful Mistress…he also has a tight virgin ass that needs to be violated for the very first time! Hollie may be a new Dominatrix but she won’t take any crap and really enjoys hurting her subs balls!