All posts for the month February, 2005

DragonLily is fed up with the delivery guy always bringing her packages late…he seems to think his smile can get him out of trouble but not this time! He is stripped, bound and DragonLily sits her big ass on his face! We wonder if he can breathe down there but but his bound cock gets hard so we guess he is fine! He takes the body worship better than the pain and shows he is no match for the Dragon’s skillful Domination!

Women can be very demanding…and when they’re horny they can sexually attack a man’s body until he can’t take anymore! Shy and Hollie know that gallant’s cock is well trained, they know that tied in the dungeon he is a piece of meat ready to service them. Hollie’s pussy is on his cock, Shy’s pussy is on his face and he must satisfy these demanding beauties through the slaps, spanks and slew of verbal abuse they throw at him…can he do it? Or will he end up getting his ass fucked anyway!

Sweet, young Jasmine is sick of the boss looking at her ass and when he grabs it he goes too far…Jasmine is transformed from obedient secretary into a Dominant Bitch that won’t take any crap. The hunted now becomes the hunter and her pervert “boss” doesn’t stand a chance. She has the power, the sex appeal and the beauty to get whatever she wants! vince becomes her slave toy. She hurts him with extreme cbt but teases his dick with her tongue…oh to be held captive by Jasmine…be prepared to fall under her spell.

dane has been a bad boy. Mistress Cherokee caught him watching porn when he knows he should only think of her…for this he has his balls seperated and is made to wait in bondage outside until she is ready to play. Once indoors dane receives his punishment; a spanking followed by foot worship, a flogging followed by face sitting and cbt followed by strap on training. Cherokee knows how to keep a scene balanced, for all of the pain dane endures he is still in the presence of a great beauty…and his cock still gets rock hard when bound!

Brooke is walking to her friend Lucy’s house when she notices a guy following her. Lucy won’t have any of this and when he dares to knock on her door he is dragged in, stripped and secured with cable ties. Seeing as he is thinking with his dick that is also tightly bound with the strict plastic ties. He becomes both girls play toy. Once spanked, whipped and made to lick Brooke’s ass clean he is permitted to cum all over her toes before both girls don there ample sized strap-ons, tie him into a good fuck position and fill him from both ends!

Harmony knows she’s stunning, she knows that most guys would do anything just to get a sniff of her pussy or a quick glance at her full breasts! mini is no different, except that he enjoys pain…and the cbt that would make most men cry makes him hard and eagre to cum. This video is one for the record books; great bondage, foot worship, analingus and strong strap on fucking…all with the stunning Harmony in control…trust me, this is one you want to see!