All posts for the month January, 2005

Shy returns home from a night at the club. She has flirted with strong men all night and wants to fuck…but she doesn’t need to go home with a stranger, she has her piece of meat waiting for her, tightly tied to the bed frame and required to get a hard cock on her demand…but it takes a lot more than that to satisfy such a strong and demanding woman. mitch is about to receive a detailed lesson in pleasing his Mistress; he must take pain, practice his pussy licking skills, make Shy cum before he is permitted to and get fucked in the ass…agh, all in the service of a beautiful and powerful Dominatrix.

Warden Cole Conners won’t take any crap from prisoners. She enforces obedience with a vigor rarely seen with anyone else…and yes somethimes she can seem a little scary, especially when she has your balls in her hands! plew gets a severe cropping, heavy weights hanging from his balls and a big strap on cock goes deep into his ass all in an effort to please Cole…but some Mistresses are difficult to please and she seems most happy when he’s gagging on her cock.

Mika provides the ultimate Ds experience but not all are priveleged enough to session with her. She is in demand and can be choosy about her slaves. Beauty and talent make for a wonderful Mistress. frank doesn’t disappoint. He clearly enjoys being dominated and is easily hypnotised by Mika’s presence. He endures a good spanking, outdoor bondage and milking before Mika decides to perform her favorite 2 acts! A hard ass fucking on a bound slave and a lesson in analingus!

Kyla has been a professional Mistress working out of Amsterdam for 3 years. She doesn’t take any crap from her submissives and her thick european accent makes her punishments all the more desireable to endure. sub had never even been tied up before but the moment Kyla walked in his dick was hard…we wonder if she has this effect on all of her slaves. Continually bound he is whipped, made to worship her boots, used as a piece of furniture, fucked in the ass and has his cock milked. Obviously with a powerful woman like Kyla around sub (and his cock) are added to her collection of obedient slaves.

After Diablo’s last scene Lucy decided to keep him as one of her personal slaves. She saw potential in constant hard cock and was interested in training him some more. Diablo is slapped and pleasured, whipped and jerked off; to Lucy it’s a mind-fuck game that she knows how to play very well. He’ll take the slaps, the insults and the tight bondage becuase it makes Lucy happy…and when she’s happy, she gets wet and needs cock. She rides him hard before flipping him over and giving his ass the same treatment. He will now be left…to store up more cum for the next time Lucy needs a fuck-toy.

Shy likes to break in the new trainers at the farm. She makes them worship her, ties them up and expects a rock solid cock that she can use for her pleasure. She makes them beg for her body and knows exactly how to take control. They want her, they lust after her…but can they have her? Only when their body is red, their tied up cocks are hard and their asses thoroughly fucked. J, is no different, just like the others she will have her way with him.