All posts for the month December, 2004

We let Audrey loose to run the scene uninterrupted from start to finish and her true sadism shows! Not content with the way scott worships her feet he is ordered to lick her ass. Bent over like a little bitch he has painful clamps attached to his balls and takes a caning. Later, he is covered head to toe in cothespins, Audrey does not forget his balls and clearly enjoys that she is inflicting so much pain! Of course, the session would not be over without some great deep throat action, good bondage and a thorough ass violation…we just wonder if scott could still walk after it was done!

HOT, HOT, HOT! It really doesn’t get any better than this in femDom porn! Great CBT, strict bondage, a willing slave, a cruel and horny Mistress and a big, hard cock to keep her satisfied. Cole is amazing in this session, she takes her slave from pain to extreme pleasure many times over before using his cock to get her orgasm. Once pleased she dons her own hard cock and fucks her slave’s ass until he can’t take anymore. She leaves him, knowing he will be ready to service her next time she is horny!

Sex Appeal, that is what Cherokee oozes and she knows it! Nice firm breasts, stunning face and an ass that could hypnotize. She likes to keep her slaves bound; cbt is a great pleasure of hers, so is ordering her subordinate to make her cum. He can smell her pussy but he can’t taste it, he can struggle in his binds but he can’t escape…and why would he want to anyway? He is Mistress Cherokee’s fuck toy, punished for her enjoyment, tied up for her pleasure and fucked in the mouth and ass to make her happy.

Lucy knows why subs line up to see her; she has the body, the looks and the best milking technique around. She offers just the right amount of cruelty, she’ll take a new sub to the edge and then bring him to climax like he has never felt before. Don’t underestimate the power a female will have on you once she’s bound you, milked you and fucked your ass…we’re guessing jason is still in the basement, waiting for Lucy to use him all over again!

slaves can’t just expect to have there Mistress of choice to discipline them. There is a process in which a Dominatrix chooses her subordinates. It begins with an interview and then a test of endurance, pain tolerance and obedience. Mika puts her prospective slave through all of the tasks to see if he is worthy. Flogging, foot worship, electrical cbt, bondage and deep ass violation are all involved…and after all that is Mika satisfied?