All posts for the month October, 2004

Cole Conners needs to control men, it comes from deep inside her that all males should worship her and do as they are told. For Mitch this is a new experience. With his balls tied tight he is flogged before Cole decides to reward herself with an orgasm. When the vibrator is placed on his bound cock and balls it feels good but to get a hard on would mean the rope squeezing even tighter. Bored with this, Cole flips him over and briefly fucks his ass. Upon noticing his erection she pulls him up and starts to milk his cock…his enjoyment is clear as he cums hard on the floor and is left to think about his session.

Whenever Princess Kali travels to the bay area Saba must have a session with her. He adores that only she can hurt and humiliate him the way he needs. It only makes sense that this tme, after a nice suspension Saba is transformed into a sissy slave and learns to walk and talk as a female. Once Kali is happy with this performance and thoroughly turned on by the feminization Saba gets some deep oral and anal training…it seems that once Kali dons a strap on, she too is transformed!

Audrey loves to inflict pain, as her subs ass begins to turn red her wicked smile grows. Audrey loves to tease, as she hitches up her skirt her sub feels he may see her wet pussy but instead she plants her ass firmly on his face and he must lick it clean! Audrey loves to humiliate, when donning her 8 inch strap on cock she is at her most dominant and will violate her subs ass and mouth until she is content….of course, we love Audrey!!!

What man wouldn’t want to be held captive in Brooke and Lucy’s jail cell? They can be cruel, and they love punishing the cock and balls…but all of the suffering is not without reward, Brookes talented hands and Lucy’s CBT are guaranteed to give any sub a huge orgasm that will him shaking. Of course this is not the end if his ordeal. There are still feet to be worshipped and as it is his first time in prison his ass must be violated.