All posts for the month September, 2004

Mika’s slave has been going into the Barn 3 times a day to masturbate. Upon finding him he is spanked and made to worship her feet. Seeing as he wants to cum so bad Mika ties him and up and roughly strokes his erect cock while reminding him he is nothing more than a worthless slut that is here to please her. As Bill approaches climax she changes his position and fucks his ass hard the way a good Cowgirl should!

Dick comes to see the MenInPain nurse and has his most rewarding scene yet! Coie knows exactly how to push him to his limits, especially when grabbing his sensitive balls! All of this whipping and cbt turns Cole on so much that she masturbates while slapping her subs face and then fucks his ass for the very first time!

Andy is a very disciplined sub. He suffers through tight bondage and cbt, he feels rewarded when ordered to lick Brooke’s ass clean and can cum on command as she strokes his erection. Of course, Brooke likes to keep a tidy dungeon thus Andy must lick his jizz off the floor before having clamps applied to his now milked cock and being bent over for his daily ass fucking.

All Audrey wants is for her “pool boy” to do a decent job. Not only are his efforts pathetic but he “accidently” gets her wet while cleaning. Infuriated, she drags him into the house, ties him down and grabs his balls. His wallet falls to the ground and she takes his money and then shows him why it is a bad idea to where a belt to her house. Just when he thinks it can’t get any tougher she takes off her top and starts to stroke his dick. His cock betrays him and gets hard…or maybe it’s just that taking punishment from somone as beautiful as Audrey always ends in cum on the floor and getting fucked in the ass.

Lucy was thoroughly appalled at her last slave, she hopes that this one will be better so she can really let out some agression. He does not dissappoint and is very obedient to Mistress Lee. It is clear that this true submissive would do anything for the women in his life when he is ordered to lick Mistress Lee’s ass he hungrily laps it up. Whipping, OTK spanking, nipples clamps, deep throating and ass fucking all make for a good, solid S+M scene.