All posts for the month August, 2004

No one dishes out predicament bondage quite like Audrey! To relieve his balls Dax must pull on his hands, to relieve his hands he must pull on his balls that are now big and swollen from the tight rope around them! Of course Miss Audrey’s greatest torment is her body. All subs get hard around her, all want to cum if she will allow it and all will suffer a deep throat and ass fucking for no other reason than her pleasure!

Cole has called a meeting with fellow teacher Gavin, she has had complaints about him and plans to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget! This is what she loves; disciplining the men in her life…tying their hands, making them helpless and punishing their bodies, especially their cock and balls! Her own body oozes sex, she knows he wants her so she strips, teases him and violates his ass.

Officer Kym Wilde has no patience for bad prisoners. They should know their place and not need to be taught simple discipline. slave is feeling defiant, he wants some of Kym’s luscious ass… a desire that will cost him…and his balls some serious pain! As if being flogged, sexually teased and having a humiliating cavity search weren’t enough Kym picks up her cane and aims it directly between his balls…the result: a man in pain, just like we like them!!