All posts for the month July, 2004

Mallory has been a Domme at the Den of Iniquity for about 4 months now and wanted to share her own sensual style of domination with us. Nash was in heaven…but who wouldn’t be when they can watch Mallory’s stunning big tits jiggle as she flogs his balls!

Michael visits Nurse Cole with complaints of erectile dysfunction, that’s all she needs…another worm with a limp dick! After some initial punishment she wires him up and tries to shock some life into it, he can take the electrical pain but still no hard on! Bored with her patient Cole decides to fuck his ass, after all, she has no problems keeping her dick hard!

Lucy Lee makes her debut as dom with the most awful of subs, let’s face it some men are so pathetic that all they deserve is to be punished…and then there is nothing more annoying than the fact that they can’t take it! Lucy takes pity on John and humiliates him with multiple mouth acts! He must lick her feet, her ass and his own cum before being permitted to leave.

Dick wakes up in Audrey’s bedroom tied down. For most men this would be a dream come true but Dick is persistant to fight back. Audrey uses her tools one by one until he submits. Once under her spell he is released so she can fuck his ass…but he just can’t take it the way she likes to give it…hard and fast! Frustrated by this turn of events she hot waxes his ass closed and kicks him out.

Certain subs require patience, Maximus is such a sub but Kali is hardly that type of Dominatrix. His slowness and uncertainty at following her directions, along with his constant cursing make for a very annoyed Princess that needs to let out some aggression. His reaction to being penetrated for the very first time is priceless!