All posts for the month April, 2004

Kym Wilde makes an old mans fantasy come true in this sensual s+m video. Suspension, ball squeezing and plenty of sexual teasing all play a part in Kym’s kinky mind game…of course her submissive laps it up and leaves hungry for more.

Sparkle’s pick up lines are hardly original and when disciplined he makes the mistake of calling Kendra a bitch. He is gagged, his hands are tied and he is made to balance a glass of water on his head whilst punished. Once he thinks of a compliment Kendra fucks him is the ass and makes him lick his cum up from the floor! This is a BONUS update, there will be full update on Thursday.

Charlie visits the local stripclub where Ivy and Janay dance and tries to jerk off while watching! Disgusted by his actions these two pissed off strippers pull him on to the stage and make him strip for them using floggers as an incentive! Bored by his whining and low pain tolerance they hang him upside down and fuck his face and ass simultaneously before letting him down and beating him some more!!!

So what do you do when a sub applies with the scene name “Big Dick Pain Slut”?!!! We invite him in to see if he has a big dick and if he is indeed a painslut. Flogging, face fucking, boot worship, CBT, ass violation, bondage and masturbation all take place in this update!!!