All posts for the month February, 2004

Kali wants a lap dance but she isn’t willing to pay $20 for it! This worthless male stripper finds himself made to worship her feet. He is then flogged and slapped before she trains his hole for some painful ass fucking that Kali believes all men deserve.

Slave is a genuine submissive who takes pain for the pure enjoyment of his dominant. For Janay, this means a match made in heaven…every time his legs shake or he whimpers through his hood a wicked smile sneaks across her face and she shows no mercy! These are the sounds and movements of pure delight to such a sadistic dominatrix! Lastly slave is placed in bondage to have his ass fucked…he fails and jumps around uncontrollably at the pain. Janay does not give up…her cock is removed from the harness and she puts it in by hand!!!