All posts for the month January, 2004

Janay is certainly worth the wait; her body, her sadistic way and her need to push her subs limits always make for a good scene. Kai is tied to the bamboo and learns to always finish a sentence with Mistress the hard way…through Janay’s fierce face slapping and other torments!

Dennis Lee has a check up with Nurse Kym and finds that it isn’t a good idea to lie about his symptoms! She takes his temperature with a rectal thermometer, fills his ass with a speculum and shocks him with the violet wand. Later he is whipped, slapped and fucked in the ass for the very first time!

Guys don’t get much better looking than Richie…and with such sex appeal he couldn’t resist fooling around behind his girlfriend’s back…not a good idea when that girl happens to be a dominatrix! Kendra wastes no time in restraining her philandering fuck-toy. He is whipped, spanked, given a zipper and finally raped in the ass before he admits to having learnt his lesson.