All posts for the month December, 2003

David has come to Kym Wilde for some basic slave training. Being naturally submissive he is eagre to please her but his flacid penis and low pain tolerance are less than acceptable. He is placed in tight bondage that exposes his genitals and ass so that she may violate him and treat him like the slut he so needs to be.

I think Venus may have found her calling in life when it comes to beating up men! Nick is a fairly non-responsive sub that deserves nothing more than to be spat on, flogged, fucked in the face and ass and have his balls pulled. Venus puts him through his paces until she becomes bored with the pathetic site of him. He is left on the cold floor to think about the punishment he just endured.

When serving Mika Tan, her submissive should know better than to bring her tap water. Mika commands perfection from her slaves and when Billy doesn’t deliver he is trained and fucked deep in his ass. As a final humiliation Mike takes a huge pig-tail butt plug in his ass and squels like the little piggy he is.