All posts for the month October, 2003

J is a very submissive male with a high tolerance for pain. Audrey flogs him and teases him with her body before getting her strap on and teaching him exactly how to deep throat! After catching him looking at her pussy she fucks him in the ass and orders him to cum on her foot so that he must lick it…and the table clean!

Princess Kali leaves Bill with the simple instructions of cleaning the gym…when she returns she finds him stroking his cock!! Despite his pleas that he was thinking of her he is given a thorough lesson in discipline. Some fierce face slapping, flogging, electro play, bondage and masturbation all combined with the Princess’s way with words make for a very entertaining scene!

Honestly, you would think that men everywhere would know by now NOT to hit on Kym Wilde in a bar! This unfortunate male tries and fails at his attempt of seduction resulting in a firm punishment including whipping, spanking and face slapping before he is made to be her foot stool for the remainder of the evening!

Michael is a disobedient student in need of some old fashioned discipline. Thankfully Mistress Kendra is on hand to administer such punishment. OTK spanking, caning, flogging and some bondage teach Michael a lesson he won’t soon forget. This is a bonus update, there will be a full update on Thursday.